The Great Unwashed

by Rail-27

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Rail-27's first full album, featuring songs old and songs new, covering a staggering array of musical stylings (really just the last 3 songs, the rest is the usual ska / punk, don't worry...) and ushering in a new era of DIY punk... maybe... not really...


released April 18, 2015

MC Smelbow - Bass, Vocals (and a little bit of acoustic guitar!)
Ol' Dirty Bathtub - Guitar, Vocals, Melodica (and a touch of banjo...)
Blastmaster B.O. - Drums and Vocals.

All songs written, performed, recorded and produced at home by Rail-27 except Skab, which features vocals performed by Ron Allsopp, and all vocals on this track were recorded at Oriol’s Studio by Adam Foster. Raddington Bear and the front and back covers were drawn by Erik Freij, the Beast of Duvinge. Indicated photos featured in the physical copies by Ian Findlay, as well as the inside back cover!



all rights reserved


Rail-27 Reading, UK

A crusty punk rock doughnut, with a jammy ska centre and just a dash of fuck!

Based in Reading, playing punk rock and having fun!

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Track Name: 96 Hours
It's been 96 hours since I last showered,
And now the stank is starting to rise!
It's getting pretty bad now, I guess I'll rub one out,
Don't gotta be clean when there's no-one around!

Sitting here all alone in my room,
Pants to the ground, what can I do?
Would be nice to have a girl in my life,
Luckily for me the internet provides!
Maybe I should get out more often,
Problem is I'd have to wash then!
No way it's fucking worth it,
And I'm pretty sure the bathtub's haunted!

Hobo said he liked my style! First compliment for a while!
The loneliness sets in slow!
I'm not living the dream, girls all stay away from me!
Not gonna get laid if there's no-one around!

Lying here all alone in my bed,
Dick in my hand, thoughts running through my head.
Wonder why I never go outside,
Natural light might hurt my eyes!
Where I do go I get labeled,
Maybe I just look unstable,
Maybe I just think life sucks,
Writing ska might bring me luck!
Track Name: Snide
What happened in your life old man,
To make you such a cunt?
19 years with no changes,
Seen you bored, lets just be blunt.
Your wife has been dissatisfied,
Can't get it up or get it in.
Or is it the nagging feeling,
That you failed your children?

You're a scumbag, a dick,
Self-righteous little prick.
I hope you trip and fall,
It won't hurt much, you're not that tall.

Your fingernails are crusty,
And your hair is getting thin.
Not surprised your life's a misery,
So many places to begin.
Are you tired of playing dress up,
In your daughter's bra and thong?
I hope you're losing sleep at night,
And wonder what went wrong!

You're a scumbag, a dick
Self-righteous little prick.
I hope you trip and fall,
It won't hurt much, you're not that tall!
You're a grouch, a fiend,
Unpleasant human being!
You're snide,
And bored,
Best enjoyed when you're ignored!
Track Name: Be A Man
Don't listen to a word she says,
For fear of all your scathing friends.
You know they'll call you pussy whipped,
Because being a man means you know best.
You're just a prick if you feel obliged,
To dismiss your sisters, friends and wives,
For the blatantly overly heinous crime,
Of being humans of the female kind!

We don't want to be,
Part of your fuck machine!
I don't want to be a man,
I'll be the person that I am!

Abstaining from the status quo,
Of sexist men with sexist jokes.
They'll say that you're not one of them,
Effeminate and not a man!

Because emotion is the enemy,
Find comfort in misogyny.
“Feelings are a female trait,
Suck it in, stand up straight!”

We don't want to be complicit,
We won't be defined,
By gender roles and prejudice,
Outdated stereotypes!
Don't tell us what we are,
Don't tell us who to be,
Because if freedom isn't free to all,
Then that's not unity!

If we accept the limitations,
Of the gender we're assigned,
Then we fan the flames of ignorance,
We need to re-define,
The way we treat each other,
And the values that we hold.
Humanity's been twisted
By the lies that we've been told!

We don't want to be,
Part of your fuck machine!
I don't want to be a man,
I'll be the person that I am!
Track Name: T.D.D
What are we reduced to,
When we choose to pitch our lot,
With the racists and stirrers,
Stirring up the pot?
Shock, horror,
And a twist upon the facts,
Why stand and use your eyes,
When you're comfy on your back?
It's a toxic pool of apathy,
A clearer fear of change.
If you don't engage your mind,
It'll simply rot away!

I think it's time we take over,
Just don't ask me to do it sober!

You're sitting far right,
Man, I see you in the wrong,
All the fascist propaganda,
Got you head strong.
Don't want no,
Promoting ignorance,
Because tolerance don't sell!

I think it's time we take over,
Just don't ask me to do it sober!

Say No!
No gods no masters!
To a ruling class!
Say No,
To blind obedience,
Just for once,
Think for yourself!

Violence and greed,
Difference of creed,
This are the things that,
You have up your sleeve!
If you had your own way,
Free thinking would die!
Without freedom of thought,
Why be alive?
Track Name: It
Shock to the skull makes your vision funny,
It can't wait to get it's fingers on your money.
It's got rotten teeth and it's breath smells funny,
You're scared shitless at the prospect of becoming,
Over and done with, dead and gone,
Better grit your teeth, better swallow your tongue!
It's going to take just what it likes,
It pays for it's cars with your freedom and life!

Fear not what's illegal but what's legit,
Accept the fact you're powerless!
Don't kid yourself, you won't be missed,
It'll come back for your wife and kids.

Grind your bones to make it's bread,
Repossess all your assets.
Stand and deliver, kneel and submit,
You're kidding yourself if you think it gives a shit.
Cash in it's pockets, numbers on a screen,
Bullshit will it treat you like a human being.
Track Name: Small Talk
Headphones on, music blaring.
Things I see, my thoughts are racing,
In my bubble, in my head.
Tap on the shoulder, heart stops dead.
Are they friendly, are they foe,
Is it someone that I know?
Can I tell them to fuck off,
for breaking inner-monologue?

Awkward speech breaks awkward silence,
'Round and 'round I see the circuit,
Digging for a useless fact,
Maybe now I'll see you laugh,
I cant say it really matters,
Once it’s gone we'll both forget it.

I swear its not I think I'm better,
I just don't get the social standard,
Of filling space with useless noise,
A mirror to the gaping void,
That exists between our lives.
I'm anti-social, big surprise.

I don't want to hear your small talk,
I'd prefer it if there's no talk.
Because you don't have shit to say,
You seem to say it anyway.
So if you see me sit alone,
Don't even feel the need to come and moan,
On subjects of no consequence,
It's no big deal, we're just not friends!
Track Name: Don't Tell Me How To Smell
All my life people tell me,
"Boy that's not how you should smell!"
Mum said, "Eight O'Clock is bath time."
Bubbles go to hell!

My rhymes are the freshest,
But my breath sure ain't!
My bars are rambunctious,
And my funk knows no restraint!

Open up your nostrils,
And take a sniff around!
Corporations pushing shower gel,
That's how they keep you down!

Minor Threat cut drugs and alcohol,
From coming to their shows,
Now the R-27 Crew,
Are banning clean clothes!

We are starting a new movement,
Because soap pollutes the water.
Can't you smell the lies,
Like a lamb can smell the slaughter!?

We are the Great Unwashed,
And we're humming pretty prime,
Because our prehistoric pong,
Will put the future right!

Take a deep breath,
Taste the tang of solidarity!
Brothers and Sisters,
We smell of humanity!

I have stunk, and I'll stank,
And I'll never change my ways!
Take a tip, take a shit,
And we'll stink against the state!

Don't tell me how to smell!

I don't brush my teeth,
I like to pick my nose!
I don't wash my pits,
And I never change my clothes!

Forget to wipe my butt!
Living in my car!
Never run a bath,
And my hygiene is sub-par!

Lice in my pubes!
Lice in my pubes!
Lice in my pubes!
Lice in my pubes!
Lice in my pubes!
Lice in my pubes!
Lice in my pubes!
Lice in my pubes-pubes-pubes-pubes-pubes-pubes-pubes!

Breaking out in rash!
Spots are leaking ooze!
Fungi on my foot,
And my shoes are growing 'shrooms!

Girls all think I've got the plague,
I've never gotten laid!
Symptoms are bubonic,
And the remedy is chronic!

Track Name: Skab (Featuring Ron from Ill Gotten Gains)
I'm a four string fucking moron,
Or I'm skating on my board.
I'm the one you ask to move along,
Before you call the fucking cops.
Its clear to me that I piss you off,
But I couldn't give a shit
I don't even really understand
,Why you're such a flaccid dick!

Skab, on the face of the Earth,
I'm a skab! You ask me what am I worth?
Yeah, I'm a skab! And according to you,
I'm the scum of the Earth and I don't deserve the right to exist!

I'm the nefarious two bit reprobate,
That's pissing on your floor!
They tell me that I'm simple,
But I think I'm pretty cool!
Track Name: Suit Of Llama
I recant your selfish lies,
Your self assured, misguided life.
Can't hide behind your suit and tie,
Your empty eyes, your soul has died!
Because all you feel is hate and lust,
Don't feel alive, no friends to trust.
When all you want is power and wealth,
Do what you can to save yourself!

You're not one to judge me!
No, you're not one to judge!

You're still in chains and you're barely alive!
If you think you earn freedom, don't know it's a lie!
Dead eyed wage slave work nine to five!
And it's killing you slowly work nine to five!
Track Name: With Love
You hide behind this masquerade,
Make-up in so many shades.
You are so desperate to know,
That we approve of what you show.
For all the friends you claim to have,
Who will be there to save your ass,
When all the lies catch up to you,
And you are stuck without a clue?

I don't like you, you don't like me,
You intoxicate the air you breathe,
And all the drugs won't numb the pain,
When you lose at your own game.
So stay away you filthy whore,
Can't take this bullshit anymore,
Put up with you for far too long,
Now everyone will sing along.

Fuck you!

You hide behind these alibis,
You back them up with sordid lies,
I don't even want to know,
Where you've been or where you'll go,
For all the fun you say you have,
Your empty eyes say something less,
How does it feel to always see,
The failings of your hopes and dreams?

Fuck you!
Track Name: The Descendents Taught Me It's Okay To Be Emotional
I don't know where I'm going with my life,
All my friends have plans and they sleep at night.
And it's blindingly obvious that I'm cliche,
But I don't give a fuck because it won't go away!

No conclusion in my head,
No conviction in my steps,
I fell far short of what I dreamed I'd be,
I'm a patchwork of mediocrity.

If I put a bullet into my skull,
Would people recall potential?
Imagine what I could have been, Instead of what I'm not.
Once I'm dead and gone, I can't fuck up no more!

I don't know where I'm going with my life,
All my friends have plans and they sleep at night.
And it's blindingly obvious that I'm cliche,
But I don't give a fuck because it won't go away!

I won't admit that it's just a phase,
Doesn't matter if it is, now my eyes are glazed!
If I had the balls then I'd pull the trigger,
I'm as much a loser as I am a coward!

I don't know where I'm going with my life,
If I can't shed a tear and I can't raise a smile,
I'm numb and neutral, become sedate.
A living effigy to the man I hate!

So, punk give me anger,
And ska lift my soul,
Anti-fascist direction,
And Lou give me hope!
Skate give me good times,
And Jah make me grin!
Life's not a game,
So you can't fucking win.
Track Name: Love Dub
Fuck you...